Status, First visit

Consultation 20 EUR
Intraoral small x-ray 6 EUR
Panorama large x-ray 16 EUR

Oral hygenie

Remove tartar 20 EUR/Jaw
Bleaching (office) 60 EUR
Bleaching (home) 55 EUR/Jaw
Bleaching gel 25 EUR

Conservative dentistry

Composit filling (on the neck of tooth) 25 EUR
Composit filling incisal 50 EUR
Composit filling (one surface) 33 EUR
Composit filling (two surface) 45 EUR
Composit filling (tree or more surface) 70 EUR
Fissure closing 20 EUR
Fissure closing with extention 25 EUR
To place tooth-jewelry 10 EUR

Root canal treatment

Trepantion (apex locator, needle controll) 28 EUR/Root
Replace the old root canal filling 35 EUR/Root
Root canal working 10 EUR
Root canal filling (one root) 40 EUR
Root canal filling (two root) 50 EUR
Root canal filling (two root) 70 EUR

Oral surgery

Tooth extraxtion (one root) 25 EUR
Tooth extraxtion (two root) 40 EUR
Tooth extraxtion (tree or more root) 50 EUR
Tooth extraxtion in operation 50 EUR
Wisdom tooth removing in operation 85 EUR
Open of gumboil, abscess 20 EUR
Circumcision 20 EUR


Status paradontal 20 EUR
Deep scalling 7 EUR/Tooth
Open scalling 85 EUR/quadrant
Crown lengthening 50 EUR

Orthodontics/Pediatric dentistry

Extraxion milk tooth 15 EUR
Filling milk tooth 10.000 HUF
Consultation, first visit 18 EUR
Stick of multiband 67 EUR
Activation of multiband /Occasions 28 EUR
Remove of multiband, scaling, polish 90 EUR
Activating of orthodontic appliance 18 EUR
Multiband with 6-7 tubes or rings pro denture 400 EUR
Ceramics multiband with 6-7 tubes or rings pro denture 470 EUR
Sapphire multiband with 6-7 tubes or rings pro denture 530 EUR
Kivehető,- és egyéb beragasztott fogszabályozó Kezelési terv alapján
Replacement of bracket 10 EUR/Piece
Replacement of ceramics bracket 15 EUR/Piece
Replacement of sapphire bracket 22 EUR/Piece
Replacement of ring or tube 20 EUR

Prostheses and implants

Written of the treatment and cost. If you pay in hungary currency, please take the HUF prices.